College Counseling

The College Counseling Program at Boca Prep educates students in the process of decision-making with a goal of helping students find colleges where they will be challenged, where they will be satisfied and where they will prosper. Boca Prep’s College Counseling office helps students identify university settings that are the “right fit” for them, based upon criteria such as academic challenge, career goals, general interests, athletics and geographic considerations. The college counselor works one-on-one with students and parents to prepare them for the college admissions, a process that includes: ongoing personal college counseling, information sessions, college fairs, college visits, assistance with materials that add depth and distinction to each application, and most importantly, by encouraging students to follow their passions.

Guiding students to success involves a team effort between the college counselor, teachers, and administration. Each student is encouraged to reach his or her full potential by developing critical thinking skills and innovative problem-solving, clear and effective written and oral communication skills, by attaining the maximum possible GPA and through challenging coursework.

College and university representatives visit Boca Prep throughout the year to meet with students individually or in small groups. The college counseling office also assists with the PSAT, as well as the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), SAT Subject Area Tests, American College Test (ACT) and, for international students, preparing for the TOEFL. Parents and guardians are encouraged to schedule appointments or call with any questions.

There are over 5,600 universities in the United States; our goal is to help each student find the ideal one for them.

College Visits

Our College Counselor organizes trips to local colleges for the students to get a feel of life at a University.

heart fau

Juniors visiting Florida Atlantic University

UntitledSeniors visiting the University of Miami

FIUvisitSeniors visiting Florida International University

Lynn visit

Juniors visit Lynn University

College Acceptances

Arizona State University ∙American University  ∙  Art Institute International ∙ Binghamton University ∙ Boston University  ∙  Business School of Geneva (Switzerland) ∙ Catholics University ∙ Carnegie-Mellon University ∙ Champlain College ∙ Columbia University ∙ Cornell University ∙ Creighton University∙  Duke University ∙Drexel University ∙ Embry Riddle Aeronautical University ∙ Elmhurst College ∙Emory University ∙ Flagler College∙ Florida Atlantic University ∙ Florida Gulf Coast University ∙ Florida Institute of Technology ∙ Florida State University∙ Fordham University∙ George Mason University∙ Georgia Institute of Technology∙ Haverford College∙ Hofstra University∙ Ithaca College ∙ Loyola University∙ Lynn University∙ Marist College ∙ Mercy College ∙  Milan University Architectural School (Italy) ∙  New England College∙ New York University ∙ Northwestern University ∙  Notre Dame University ∙ Nova Southeastern University ∙ Ohio State University ∙ Ohio University ∙ Pace University∙  Penn State University ∙ Purdue University∙  Rhodes College∙ Rollins College ∙ Rowan University ∙ Savannah College of Art and Design∙ Southern Methodist University ∙ Stanford University ∙ St. John’s University∙ Stetson University ∙ Suffolk University∙ Syracuse University ∙ Technical Institute of Denmark (Denmark) ∙  Temple University ∙ University of Alabama at Birmingham∙ University of California – Davis ∙ University of California – Irvine ∙  University of California – Santa Barbara∙ University of California – San Diego  University of California – Santa Cruz∙ University of Central Florida∙ University of Cincinnati ∙ University of Colorado- Boulder ∙  University of Colorado- Denver  ∙  University of Florida ∙ University of Georgia ∙ University of Illinois ∙ University of Indianapolis ∙  University of Kentucky ∙ Macalester College ∙ University of Massachusetts  ∙ University of Miami ∙ University of Michigan ∙ University of New Haven ∙ University of North Carolina ∙ University of North Florida∙ University of Pennsylvania∙ University of Rio Grande∙ University of  Sheffield ∙ University of South Florida∙ University of Southern California ∙ University of Tampa∙ University of Texas ∙ University of Tulsa ∙ University of Virginia ∙ University of York ∙ Valparaiso University ∙ Vanderbilt University ∙ Virginia Weslyan College ∙ Wagner College ∙ Wake Forest University ∙ Warren Wilson College ∙ Yale University


College Acceptances


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