Diploma Program

The IB Diploma Program (DP) is an academically challenging and balanced program of education with final examinations that prepare students, aged 16-18, for success in college and in life beyond. The program is taught over two years (Grades 11 and 12)  and has gained recognition and respect from the world´s leading colleges and universities, often leading to preferential admissions for IB students.

Boca Prep was authorized as an IB World School in 2009 offering the IB Diploma and Certificate Courses. The Boca Prep high school offers a comprehensive, college prep curriculum and learning experience. The teaching staff presents their material in ways that promote independent thinking and analysis.

The DP curriculum has been designed to allow students to study a range of subjects.The programme encompasses an in-depth study of six major subjects; three subjects are studied at Higher Level and three at Standard Level, allowing students to pursue advanced work in subjects of particular interest.

Diploma Program Subjects offered at Boca Prep International School: 

Group 1 Language A1 The International Baccalaureate Organization has a policy of encouraging students to maintain links with their own cultures and provides opportunities for students to study their mother tongue language, even when that language is not offered by the school.

English A1 HL and SL and Spanish A1 SL.

Group 2 Second Language Language B All DP students must take a second language.  Spanish B or Ab initio or French B or Ab initio.

Group 3 Individuals and Societies All DP students are required to complete a Humanities course.  History HL and SL and Psychology HL and SL are offered by Boca Prep.

photo-6Group 4 Experimental Sciences All DP students are required to complete a Science course. Chemistry HL and SL, as well as ESS SL are offered.

Group 5 Mathematics All DP students are required to complete a mathematics course.
Mathematics SL and Maths Studies SL are offered.

Group 6 The Arts This group includes the Visual Arts, with an emphasis on practical production by the students. Alternative options may be discussed with the DP coordinator.

Core: Three additional academic specializations (known as the Core of the IB Circle)  are also part of the program:

Theory of Knowledge, is a critical thinking course study which trains students to think about knowledge at the deepest of levels. TOK is an interdisciplinary requirement intended to stimulate critical reflection on the knowledge and experiences gained both inside and outside of the classroom. TOK is considered a key element in encouraging students to appreciate other cultural perspectives. This course is unique to the DP and lasts for about 100 hours over the two years of the programme.

The Extended Essay engages students in independent research on a topic of their choosing, providing them with the opportunity to explore and investigate a topic of special interest. It is this requirement of the programme that provides DP students with the early experiences needed for the kind of independent research and writing skills required by universities. The essay is an extended assignment started in Year 1 and completed in Year 2. Students should spend about 40 hours completing this aspect of the rogramme.

Creativity, Action, Service known by its acronym CAS, Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) balances academics with hands-on learning outside of class .One of the goals of the DP is to educate the whole person and to foster responsible, compassionate citizens. The CAS component encourages students to share their energy and talents with others. Students are expected to put at least 150 hours into their CAS component over the two years of the programme.



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