House System

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_untitled_ (31)Every member of the school community (staff and students) on joining the school will become a member of one of four houses. Family members will be in the same house. Friendship will not be a reason for changing houses.  Students are encouraged to play a full role in the democratic processes, which are implemented in the school by seeking election to represent their grade level, mentor group, or to be on the Student Government. Students are encouraged to speak out with respect for others as this enables them to learn and to give others the chance to learn from them. Students gain individual and house points for positively contributing to the school community. The Houses names were proposed at a student meeting in 2010 and are based on Floridian wildlife:

Red Hawks, Blue Sharks, Green Gators, Yellow Panthers


Students in each house will elect their leaders under the Guidance of a House Guide (who will be a member of staff appointed with this role). Their job is not to lead but to guide and facilitate student leaders and to encourage house spirit.


House Points

House points will be managed by the House Coordinator. House points will be awarded by teachers according to guidance given to them to standardize practice. They will be given to students for good academic work or for a positive contribution to the community. Students must post their House points in the relevant box for their house in the School Office.

Panthers copyAwards

Students will be recognized for their achievements and awarded medals when they gain a total number of House Points: 25 (Bronze), 50 (Silver), 75 (Gold) and 100 (Olympic Gold).  House Points Individual and Collective totals will not carry over from one year to the next.

The House Point system is designed to reinforce positive behavior and provide a competitive context for students, building teamwork and a desire to succeed. House Points are awarded for individual attainment in the academic or extra-curricular program and for service to the school or wider community. Parents are asked to bring the accomplishments of their children to the attention of class teachers and mentors so that these can be recorded and recognized in the weekly newsletter.

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