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The International Baccalaureate is a not-for-profit international educational foundation. Founded in 1968 and headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, it has since educated over 1 million students.
There are currently 3,521 IB schools, offering a total of 4,377 programmes in 144 countries.
The IB offers four educational programmes across the world. Central to the IB is the concept of education as a lifelong process.

IB programmes have a reputation for:

  • maintaining high academic standards
  • arming students with life skills and preparing them for life in a globalized world
  • developing young people who are active, knowledgeable and caring, and prepared for life in a 
global society



IB programmes prepare a person to be successful in school and to be active, life-long learners through four programs that emphasize intellectual, personal, emotional and social growth.

Primary Years Programme (ages 3-11)

Students aged 3 to 11 cover language, social studies, mathematics, arts, science and personal, social and physical education. These subjects are taught by addressing six trans-disciplinary themes that answer the following questions: Who we are; Where we are in place and time; How we express ourselves; How the world works; How we organize ourselves; Sharing the planet.

Middle Years Programme (ages 11-16)

Students aged 11 to 16 study eight subject areas; their mother tongue, a second language, humanities, sciences, mathematics, arts, physical education and technology. In their final year, students undertake a personal project where they demonstrate the understandings and skills developed throughout the programme. 
Teachers organize the curriculum through five areas of interaction, delivering a holistic learning experience; approaches to learning, community and service, human ingenuity, environments and health and social education.

The IB Diploma Programme (ages 16-18)

Six subjects: five chosen from five groups (literature in the student’s native language, a foreign language, a science, mathematics, a humanity or social science) plus an art or another choice from groups 1-5.

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