International Student Program

International Student Program (ISP) at Boca Prep International School

The ISP Program is a short-term exchange program primarily for our IES and SEK sister school students.  However, all international students may apply.  The 2018-19 schedule is as follows:

 Session 1: August 27 – October 5

Session 2: October 22 – November 16

Session 3: January 7 – February 8

Session 4: April 1 – May 3

For inquiries, please contact: David Jativa

The International Student Program (ISP) has maintained its popularity and is exclusively offered to  our sister schools within SEK and IES for students to study in Boca Raton for four separate sessions, although dates can be flexible. With a network of home stay families in Boca Raton, we can now accommodate youngsters from 12 to 17 years of age in a warm, nurturing, safe and educational environment, giving them an unforgettable experience of student life in the USA.

As an IB World School, our academic standards are high; but every afternoon, additional support is provided to ISP students working in their second or third language by our trained staff. Here we celebrate our cultural and linguistic differences and so ISP students quickly feel at home with over 50 nationalities and diverse languages. Students are invited to celebrate with us their National Days and major cultural events, while learning about traditional American holidays like Thanksgiving, Memorial and Presidents’ Day.

Our study program allows international students to visit and understand the local environment with weekly cultural excursions to Miami, the Everglades, Florida’s beaches, Nature Reserves, SeaAquarium, Miami Zoo, and local museums and galleries. They grow in stature, independence and leadership with us and it’s an important learning process in every respect. For those who aspire to a U.S. or Canadian University, we also provide vocational support in terms of preparing for the PSAT, SAT and ACT examinations and help them come to terms with the College Application system and the necessary documentation for scholarships. All students additionally may visit local university campuses.



ISP Students visit Universal Studios in Orlando.


Mr. Daniel joins ISP students for a celebration in the cafeteria.








Several students have returned for a second ISP adventure, taking the opportunity to both improve their English and to study elective courses like Journalism, Marine Science and Sports Science that are not common in their home schools, but are very impressive on University applications. Many also participate in our Academies, perform in our numerous concerts and high school assemblies and simply enjoy the “small school experience.” Friends are made for life and communication is maintained through social networks, and at the annual InterSEK activities.

For more information, please contact Mr. David Jativa at

Information may be requested in English or Spanish.











The International Student Program at Boca Prep International School was implemented in September of 2002 to fulfill the need for SEK students worldwide to learn and improve their competency of English. The program has proven to enrich our own students here in Boca Raton as much as for our visiting students. With an increased focus on internationalism, our students have enjoyed interacting and learning from our ISP participants.


Upon their arrival, students are tested to assess their level of English (reading, writing, listening and speaking). They are then placed into classes tailored to their level. Students are integrated with our other students in classes appropriate for their academic level. During the first couple of weeks, many students find their classes quite challenging. However, as time goes on and students become more comfortable with speaking and understanding English, they are able to take full advantage of our academic program.


Boca Prep International School: 

Located aside a beautiful freshwater lake and surrounded by the lush subtropical landscape, Boca Prep International School, Boca Raton sits in the heart of Boca Raton’s prestigious Mission Bay. Facilities include a gymnasium, soccer field, basketball and volleyball courts, an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and a children’s playground.

Students have wireless internet access, and Upper School students (Grades 6-12) bring their own laptops or digital devices. Boca Prep International School teachers utilize the latest in technology in their classrooms to provide students with a dynamic, hands-on approach to learning.

From 3:10-4:00 each day, students are offered extra-curricular opportunities such as athletics, academic enrichment, cultural, and service opportunities. Our ISP students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities and athletics that they enjoy.


Students will enjoy a variety of educational, cultural and recreational weekend excursions. Homestay students become “one of the family”, sharing meals, lifestyles, and activities with the family, in addition to their weekend school excursions; the family ensures transportation to and from school. On Sunday, students go on excursions with Boca Prep staff; the exact schedule of activities differs with each group, according to availability and weather. Among our recent excursions are the following:

ISP students visiting Orlando theme park.

ISP students visiting an Orlando theme park.

Day Trip to Orlando 

Known as the Tourism Capital of the United States, Orlando is undoubtedly among our students’ favorite excursions. We visit theme Parks such as Disney World, Universal Studios, etc.

Atlantic Ocean Beaches 

Students enjoy visiting the beach any time of the year. With a number of beautiful Atlantic Coast beaches to choose from, plenty of activities-swimming, volleyball, Frisbee, or strolls along the beach are frequently among the most memorable places our students visit!

Other Excursions are Selected from Among the Following:

South Florida Science Museum
IMAX Theater
Sawgrass Mills Shopping Mall
Everglades National Park & Airboat Tour
The Florida Keys
Morikami Museum & Japanese Gardens
Lion Country Safari
South Florida Fair
Miami Sea Aquarium
Riverfront Park
Boca Raton Art Museum
Seminole Indian Reservation
Cultural Events (Opera, Theater, etc.)
Rapids Water Park
Boomers Entertainment Center
Muvico Palace Cinema
Incredible Ice (Ice Skating)

International Student Program Contact Information:

We thank you for your interest in our program. For all SEK or IES students, please see the Director of your school to apply. He or she will have the appropriate application materials and information, or will refer you to a representative in your school.

Necessary Documents to Print and Complete

English Bulletin 2018-2019

ISP Version Espanol Boletin 2018-2019


Matriculation Form


Checklist de Documentos

Contrato de Inscripción

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