Middle Years Program

The Middle Years (MYP) Program

Boca Prep is an IB World School for the Middle Years Program of the International Baccalaureate Organization. The curriculum for this division is designed to encourage the making of connections between the various disciplines and to relate the material to our world today. In general, the curriculum is outcome based and the various components in each discipline involve projects designed with a given rubric. Our small class size fosters individualization of the curriculum and strong teacher-pupil relationships.

Middle Years Program

Students in grades 6-10 are at a critical stage of development. They are undergoing dramatic physical, personal, social and intellectual changes.  They are also becoming more aware of the wider world around them.   It’s a time of questioning and challenging, which can be exciting, confusing and a bit frightening all at the same time.   The Middle Years Program aims to help students through this crucial time by fostering a sense of belonging and a positive attitude to learning. The program is inquiry based, encourages international-mindedness, makes connections between the different subjects to each other and real-life, supports the development of communication skills in both mother-tongue and additional languages, is holistic and focuses on the development of the whole child (physical, personal, social and intellectual).


The MYP does not prescribe a particular curriculum.  Rather, it is a framework or means of delivering and assessing the curriculum already in place.  Three fundamental concepts underpin the MYP framework: holistic education, intercultural awareness, and communication.

The Subject GroupsHelpingEachother

•            Language & Literature (English)
•            Language Acquisition (Spanish)
•            Individuals & Societies (History)
•            Mathematics
•            Sciences
•            Physical Education & Health
•            Design (Technology)
•            Arts (music, visual arts)

Approaches to Learning (ATL)

Learning how to learn effectively is a fundamental goal of the program. Boca Prep students are provided with the tools to enable them to take responsibility for their own thinking and learning, thereby developing an awareness of how they learn best, of thought processes and of learning strategies. These are the skills that will make for greater success in the DP and will provide the vehicle for age-appropriate learning skill integration across the IB.

Global Contexts

The Global Contexts help us understanding concepts in context. All subjects consider these Global Contexts as they build their units.

The MYP Global Contexts are:

  • Inquiry into identities and relationships
  • Inquiry into orientation in space and time
  • Inquiry into personal and cultural expression
  • Inquiry into scientific and technical innovation
  • Inquiry into globalization and sustainability
  • Inquiry into fairness and development


The Personal Project

The personal project is a significant body of work produced by each student over an extended period in the last year of the Middle Years Program. It is an important aspect of the MYP as it is seen as a product of the student’s own initiative and creativity. The Project must reflect a personal appreciation of the areas of interaction and the application of skills acquired through approaches to learning. The personal project offers students a great deal of flexibility and many opportunities for differentiation of learning and expression according to their individual needs. It is a rich opportunity for students to complete an extended piece of work that challenges their own creativity and thinking about issues of concern to themselves.


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MYP Regulations

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