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With over 40 nations represented, Boca Prep International School is a small, multi-cultural, independant IB world school providing instruction from Pre-K3 through the 12th grade.


The modern and dynamic world demands a complex set of skills and understanding. Boca Prep’s carefully developed curriculum, innovative programs, and family atmosphere provide an environment where students are well prepared to meet this challenge with a sense of internationalism. Coordinators have designed  course offerings to compliment the discovery process and to encourage students to make connections between the compelling present, past, and probable future.

IB_world_school-logoHoused under one roof, we provide instruction to Pre-K3 through Grade 12. This affords the unique opportunity to integrate learning opportunites across three stages of education. Through our mentoring program high school students mentor the middle school, and the middle school provides mentoring for the lower school.

Our approach to education involves the Three A’s: Academics, Aesthetics and Athletics. We seek to instill a genuine sense of multi-cultural sensitivity as the underlying basis for character building, and our curriculum encourages the acquisition of a 2nd and 3rd language.   The philosophy of Boca Prep International School springs from a firm belief in the need to teach our children respect for self, for others and the academic process. We believe that education should promote “learning how to learn, to do,  and live together.”

We hope you will schedule a personal tour of our school, This is the best way to experience our student-centered teaching approach and the vibrant internationalism which is the defining characteristic of our school.

Boca Prep International
10333 Diego Drive South
Boca Raton, FL 33428
Phone: 561-852-1410, extension 222
Fax: 561-470-6124

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