Summer Reading

A selection of books for each grade has been carefully put together by your child’s teaching team; these titles have all been chosen by using the upcoming curriculum as a guide.

Family trips to the local library or to bookstores are important opportunities for your child to see first-hand your interest in, and appreciation of, the written word. Reading together as a family, even if all members are reading different books, is a wonderful way to develop your child’s interest in literature. Start to see yourselves as a ‘family of readers’. Books are opportunities to visit new places and ideas, ways to meet new friends; providing a chance to reflect upon lives different than our own, books create a moment for one’s imagination to take flight. Although all reading is positive, entering a novel can be magical.

We hope that this reading experience is an enjoyable one for your child and your family, and look forward to discussing these books with our students next fall.

Happy Reading!

PYP Summer Reading 2018-2019

MYP Summer Reading 2018-2019

11th & 12th Summer Academic Enhancement 2018-2019


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