Upper School

Extra-Curricular_Program_1Grades Six through Twelve work together as the Boca Prep Upper School. The Curriculum for this Division is designed to encourage the making of connections between the various Disciplines, and to relate the course material to our world today. In general, the Curriculum is outcome-based and the various components in each discipline involve projects designed with a given rubric. Our small class size fosters individualization of the curriculum and strong teacher -pupil relationships. Permeating throughout the Curriculum is our School´s strong sense of Internationalism.

The High School Social Studies Department offers a series of courses, which are designed to develop critical thinking skills and a sense of awareness of our 21st Century world. The English Department offers Literature/Language classes that have SAT preparation imbedded in their curricula. We offer challenging Science and Math courses, using our buildings and grounds as ´labs´. Our Upper School Faculty has developed grade-level themes, thereby providing a focus to the coursework. Many of the more demanding assignments are interdisciplinary in nature. All students in Grades 6 through 8 are participating in Math classes which are advanced by at least one grade level.

Field trips, Guest Speakers and Thematic Activities support and extend the Curriculum. Several of our activities involve bringing our Curriculum off-campus, i.e. our Florida Keys Camping Trip. There is ample opportunity for extracurricular activity through the Student Government, Team Sports and the Yearbook Committee.

The Upper School Mentor Program has a member of the Faculty serving as the coordinator of each grade. This teacher is responsible for the overall supervision and success of each of their particular students. The Mentors meet daily with their students and are in close contact with the parents regarding assignments, academic issues and disciplinary matters. This program is integral to the success of our Upper School students.

All students are assessed annually via externally adjudicated writing samples and grades 6-8 takes a comprehensive battery of standardized test, called the IOWA test. The faculty uses the results in their evaluation and revision of the School Curriculum.

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