Visual Arts

Visual Arts for PreK3- 5th grade will be used to enhance the unit being taught during that time. The students will be given the opportunity to develop their skills and learn new techniques in 2D and 3D artworks. They will be taught all the steps of creating art, from creative brainstorming to preliminary planning all the way to the end of the creative process with the finished artwork.

Students will be encouraged to look at art in global, cultural, and contextual manner. They will also be learning about master artists and different types of art forms.

The Middle year’s visual arts program is a semester program that aims at completing the basic training for the students in Visual Arts. Over the past 4 years the students have been introduced to color, texture, perspective, different materials and media, how their art can affect others, and the history of art. The Middle Years Visual Arts program provides a solid foundation in art. Encouraging students entering IB to be creative, and independent with their art. They will have to use the skills taught to create artworks the display their skill.

The course content for SL/HL although the same is differentiated in that the HL level produces a larger body of work with greater depth.  Both levels develop their creative and critical abilities while increasing the student’s enjoyment, knowledge and appreciation of visual arts. The course provides students with opportunities to develop their aesthetic, imaginative and creative inner self.  The visual arts course enhances the student’s awareness, perception and critical viewpoints within their own culture and various other cultures.  Students explore and develop their individual visual expression based on their personalities and temperaments as well as their capabilities.  Through training and individual experimentation students pursue quality.  Students additionally investigate, inquire, and inform themselves in history and present day arts and develop an excitement for the continued learning in the arts while linking the arts to other subjects.  Philosophical and moral connections are developed through Studio Art and investigation work and a connection will be made between the two.

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